Rasurak, Land of Winds

Pictured here: A Rasurak Rhino near the Vast Tangle.

Structure: Kingdom
Leader: Lord Rhak
Population: 57,000
Rasurak’s symbol is the Rhino. Rhinos are common in Rasurak.

Brief History: Once a free an peaceful land north of Voadus, Rasurak was seized and its native people destroyed completely. In the 900 years since the mutilation of a culture lost to time, Rasurak has played home to half elves predominantly. They are a charismatic and optimistic culture and enjoy trade.

Geography: Rasurak is referred to as the Land of Winds because of its closer proximity to The Great Storm to the north.


Points of Interest: Thront is home to one of the rare Academic Universities. Here, people learn about the world and the past.

Resources: Farming, lumber, stone.

Rasurak, Land of Winds

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