Oz Goodwin

Oz the Great and Powerful HIGH ELF Wizard


Gender: Male


Class: Wizard

Age: 38 (In Eladrin years)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Deity: Tunare

Height: 5"8

Weight: 135

Attractiveness: 23


Father- Samuel Goodwin
-Fate: Unknown
-Class: Wizard (Blood Mage Paragon Path)

Mother- Glinda Goodwin
- Fate: Deceased
- Class: Druid (Sky Hunter Paragon Path)

Sister- Alice Goodwin
- Fate: Unknown
- Class: Sword Mage

Uncle- Zeke Goodwin
- Fate: Deceased (Lived in the magic city overrun by skeletons)
- Class: Warlock

Aunt- Em Goodwin
- Fate: Deceased (Lived in the magic city overrun by skeletons)
- Class: Druid

Cousin- Alastair Goodwin
- Fate: Sent to another realm for angering a god.
- Class: Sorcerer (Specialized as a Dragon Sorcerer)

Cousin- Dorothy Goodwin
- Fate: Sent to another realm for angering a god.
- Class: Druid

Medium length Black/Silver Hair- His hair rapidly changes into a more silver color every year he ages.

Eye Color: A vibrant Blue (Eladrins have no pupils).

Build: Athletic, some muscle.

- Has a Dragon Familiar named Fenrir (It is a white dragonling with blue spikes on his back).
- Favorite type of magic is Frost spells.
- Knows how to speak eight different languages.
- People He Likes: Rorak, Leo, Nakh’liyl, Griffin, Kronos, Alice, Spinner, Dovakin, Eladrins.
- People He Dislikes: Orcs, Elves, Vasco (for leaving), Tieflings, Samuel Goodwin.
- Considers Griffin his magic rival (Griffin doesn’t know this).
- Helped end a war between the Eladrins and Orcs and become a giant magic tree.


Oz is the first born in the House of Goodwin. He lived a unusual life with his family in a small Eladrin town. His parents were wealthy Adventurers and would leave Oz to look after his younger sister Alice while they were on some type of quest. His cousin Alastair would often visit Oz and Alice while their parents were away. Oz became very close with Alistair and looked up to him. It was because of Alistair that Oz grew fascinated by magic. In fact Alistair was the person that taught him how to summon his familiar Fenrir.

When Oz was about 16, he and Alice took a trip to his Uncle and Aunt’s home. One of the days while visiting, Oz went with Alice to the market where she was attacked and mugged by a bandit. Oz tried to stop the bandit but was knocked unconscious in the process. He briefly awoke on the street floor to witness Alistair fighting the bandit, then blacked out again. When he woke up the second time, he was lying in bed with a bandage around his head. Alistair had defeated the bandit and returned Alice’s money. It was that moment when Oz decided to start learning offensive magic spells. His Aunt also taught him several other languages in case he wanted to learn a spell that was not in his native tongue. Oz grew very attached to the rest of his family on this trip and met many people on his way back home.

Months after Oz and Alice returned home, they found out that their parents were done with being adventurers and wanted to stay home with their children. Things were great with the Goodwin family, until a small war broke out between the Elves and Eladrins. Oz’s parents were called to fight in the war. Meanwhile, Oz and Alice were forced to evacuate their hometown because of nearby Elf troops. Oz and Alice hid out in a forest and lived off the land for several weeks. Oz knew he had to feed and protect his sister from any dangers. One day a group of Elf scouts found Oz and Alice. Oz was well prepared for this moment and used some of the magic he learned about to fight the Elves. It was this moment where Oz had to kill someone else in order to survive. It was a traumatic event for him because he had never taken a life before. Weeks went by, the war ended and a “truce” was made between the the Elves and Eladrins.

When Oz and Alice returned to their home, they noticed a letter from their father on the front door. It said that their mother Glinda was murdered in the war. Things got worse as Oz continued to read the letter and found out that his father left to teach Eladrin soldiers magic. He wished Oz and Alice luck with their lives and the two never heard from him again. Oz hated his father after reading the letter and was happy he never had to see him.

A couple years went by and there was knock at the door. Oz opened the door and his cousins Alistair and Dorothy stood before him. They said they didn’t have much time left and they wanted to say goodbye to him and Alice. Oz was confused and asked what they meant. Alistair said that they angered a Deity and instead of the God killing them, they made a deal with it. The deal was that Alistair and Dorothy were able to say good bye to Oz and Alice one last time and in return they would be sent to another realm that was similar to this one. The two cousins had to perform any quest that their god gave them. Alice and Oz said their heartfelt goodbye’s and their two cousins vanished right before their eyes. Oz never found out what God his cousins were working for or where they were sent.

A few more years passed and Alice left town one night in order to find their father. When Oz woke up, he found a letter from Alice saying she left and this reminded Oz of the last letter his father gave them. Oz set off to find his sister but in the process was kidnapped by slave traders and put on a ship. It was on this ship that Oz met a lot of his future friends/ adventuring party.

After escaping the ship, Oz and his friends traveled the world fighting all sorts of monsters. One battle ended with Oz shooting an acid arrow spell at a goblin boss and melted the goblin and blowing a giant hole through a mountain. Oz had many crazy adventures such as fighting storm gods, meeting angels, and exploring dangerous dungeons. All of this led up to a war between the Eladrins and Orcs. Oz and his friends sided with the Eladrin people and tried to stop the war. When Oz returned to his people’s capital city to speak with the Queen of the Eladrins, he was reunited with his sister Alice and learned that she was trying to learn to become a sword mage. Even though seeing his sister was a great sight, Oz knew he had to return to more pressing matters. He and his friends traveled to the Fey Forest and received a Fey Seed from the Elves. This seed was supposed to help end the war. During one of the final battles between the Eladrins and Orcs, a giant War Avatar stood before the capital bent on destroying it. Oz stood before it and used the Fey Seed. The seed took Oz’s life and turned him into a tree that engulfed and destroyed the War Avatar.

Years had passed and Oz awoke sick and tired on the ground. He saw his old friend Leo before him. Leo helped him recover but he gave him sad news. Leo told Oz that his old friends Rorak, Dovakin, and Nakh’liyl were missing. Oz once again set out on a quest to find his friends. He and his friends succeeded and he was reunited with his friends. Though things were great, there was a new problem Oz learned about. He found out that an evil Demi-God called the Soul Stealer was trying to take over the world and he revived his generals. Oz and his friends tried to stop the Soul Stealer but failed. After failing to stop the Soul Stealer, Oz and the rest of the party escaped to another realm.

Entering a new world was a big excitement for Oz. It was a fresh start to do something new. Oz’s current goal is to figure out some of the questions to his past. He still had a lot of questions he wanted answered. What happened to his cousins Alistair and Dorothy? Where was Alice? Why are there no Eladrins in this new world? Only time will give Oz these answers.

Oz Goodwin

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