Kickit Truthseeker

Listen as I whisper...


Taken Name: Kickit Truthseeker
Given Name: Kannis Truel
Age: ~17
Race: High Elf
Gender: Androgynous
Occupation: Bard/ Storyteller/ Ex-Vocalist

- Kickit is slender as most elves are, but walks the border of feminine and masculine appearance. Their gender remains mostly a mystery~
They have shorter ginger/blonde hair with a shaved portion on the side and blue-green eyes. Over their left eye is a tattoo/marking of strange design.

Kickit is in one word, obsessive. Despite this though they are generally enthused by the thought of adventure and drama, the arc of a persons life is beautiful and brief. Anyone worth note will take a risk and find something new about themselves, only the boring stay stagnant and unwilling to discover.
Kickit is willing to do just about anything if it will aid the telling of a story, be it polymorph into a strange wing’ed mechanical creature or chase after a dragon!
They despise being alone, the author cannot write about themselves after all.

*Something I’m working on with Kickit is they have a very underhanded way of complimenting. Things that make you question whether or not you have been genuinely complimented or insulted.

Habits/Misc. :
-Stalking, they will follow party members as stealthily as they can.
-Note taking, Kickit always has a writing utensil and parchment on hand.
-Kickit will never correct the incorrect use of a pronoun. If you believe them to be a she, then that’s fine. If he that’s fine as well. You’ll never get a straight answer.
-Following along vague answers, the tattoo design on their eye. If asked Kickit will answer it represents their taken name: Truthseeker. However at another time the answer may be: Liar.
-Whatever the party wishes Kickit is 98% willing to comply.


Born Kannis Truel, the offspring of Kaldan Truel and Silessa Quiln. Kickit decided to take their own name upon leaving home.

Kickit’s parents were renowned Elven vocalists of their time, prompting Kannis to train vocally from a very young age. Kannis was thought to be a prodigy, blessed with the voice of angels. In an attempt to preserve the beautiful sound Kannis went through something, against his will, that set their fate in stone.

As they grew older, colour began to fade from the world. Kannis longed for something exciting. Not just the next great aria to be sent their way. Friends were mostly false and distant. The closest thing being the owner of a book shop, but even the stories they read did nothing to bring Kannis’s interest back.

Then one day, they heard a whisper, the tale of some great adventuring party that had caused all kinds of trouble. Something interesting! Kannis began to research more and more on this rumored party, taking notes and fantasizing about the adventures they might have. It brought genuine joy back into life! But soon just this local research was not enough, they wanted more. The party was moving further away, and Kannis just had to pursue.

And so began Kickit’s quest to find this party! They left home with a small goodbye note, stating the_ Kannis had fallen away to someone new.
Someone ready to Seek out a new Truth._

The Party
How, delightful! As the author I try not to be partial of course, so I obviously don’t have favorites, but I do of course have opinions.

Kickit Truthseeker

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