Griffin Tornheim


Level: 18
Age: 29
Height: 5’9’’
Race: Human
Class: Wizard (Magician)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Lean; shaggy brown hair begging for a cut. Wears loose (but fine) robes. Violet eyes. Glasses.

Origin: outcast/noble
Personality trait:

(Griffin smokes now, also partakes in recreational drugs.)

Mother: Cerys, (Sair- iss) elemental magician
Currently: ????

Father: Milo, King of Griffin’s home kingdom. Has the purple-eye-trait, bears the Tornheim name. Youngest of 3 brothers.
Currently: Soul Stealer Situation

Siblings: Younger sister by 3 years (Lynneve, cold, bossy, revels in undermining others), younger brother by 5 years (Therrin, normal, sociable, good-natured, naturally athletic), youngest sister by 8 years (Saryn, scattered, dreamy, gullible). Griffin loves them all but feels a slight disconnect due to them having a different mother after his father remarried. Currently: Soul Stealer Situation


Griffin’s childhood was fraught with frustrations. Hailing from a kingdom of humans that not only rejected, but actively feared and despised magic, the eventual revelation of his abilities in late childhood went as well as one would expect. Unbeknownst to all but Griffin’s father, his late mother was an exemplary magic-user and elementalist; the fact unfortunately did not save Griffin from a hasty ushering out of the kingdom’s proverbial spotlight, as well as the revocation of any and all rights to the throne.

A hostile home environment that surfaced after his magical powers were revealed, and doubly so after his father remarried proved unconducive to Griffin’s education. Despite being preternaturally gifted academically, he was a poor student, preferring to use his limited powers to heckle the waitstaff, steal from the kitchens, sleep in the gardens, and meander about the libraries, absorbing massive texts. He was functionally trapped within the castle walls, a shameful stain on an otherwise pristine royal lineage.

So Griffin’s life likely would have continued, simply existing until diplomatic relations had the sense and stealth to get around his father to assassinate him and tidy the “problem” once and for all. While his kingdom and lineage had many more intricacies than Griffin will ever know, what he experienced eventually boiled over through repeated arguments with his father, culminating in a successful runaway attempt. Griffin’s flight from his home kingdom, while executed in anger and desperation, was tinged with hope – the hope that one day, he could prove himself to his father.

Griffin’s grand plans of heroism were quickly shivved in the guts by a healthy dosage of Reality, as not a week later he’d been robbed of his belongings, dumped in the streets, and found himself utterly lost. Fortunately, the party happened to be in the area… perhaps it was Oz who sensed a magical energy, perhaps it was out of sympathy for a kid obviously in over his head… whatever the reason, Dovakin, Oz, and Rorak brought Griffin into the real world of adventuring, and as they say, the rest is history.

Generally speaking, Griffin is a somewhat obsessive, neurotic, nervous, bitter individual with an inferiority complex. Plagued with looping neurosis, he shifts between wanting to prove himself to his companions (and himself), to bitterly overthinking his own ideas, whichever happens to be least appropriate to the situation. He is particularly susceptible to other’s opinions, heavily catering those who speak fondly of him (should that ever happen) and extremely paranoid around those who do not. An internalized hatred of magic-users due to his upbringing has manifested into internalized self-hatred and wariness around other magic users, which may manifest should he be allowed to actualize a magical academy.

While he means well, and generally detests evildoings, lofty goals of world peace, or even making a lasting impact in history are far from Griffin’s mind as a meaningful use of one’s time given the unpredictable state of the world (and nihilistic state of his mind). To find meaning in his life, worth in his self, or any goal at all to live for in these desperate times is perhaps the closest notion to a goal he has.

After hell- in addition to the heightened sense of inferiority- came PTSD, constant nightmares, insomnia, and increased paranoia. Griffin tends to stay up late writing, reading, or staring blankly at the ceiling until exhaustion consumes him, as his own subconscious has become a source of constant torment.

For the past few years after hell, Griffin hasn’t really been present, and doesn’t remember much, but had begun improving externally, really throwing himself into the Voadus project as a welcome distraction from… everything else. Unfortunately with the revelation of Kronos’ (and subsequently Spinner’s) betrayal, paranoia’s generated during/after hell have been validated, and Griffin is at a loss- what do you do when everyone you know has been lying to you? When you don’t know the people you’ve been with for years? When you don’t even know what side you’ve been fighting on? When everything the darkest voices of your mind told you turn out to be right?

Griffin Tornheim

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