Source Code Leak

Our dedicated fans have been looking into the latest patch. The obvious rule change and bug fixes were the main event, but a single image tucked away in the code has been found. What could it mean??? We’ll be looking into Vrijaegoth a lot closer and see if we can find anything else on it.


The Old Man After Credits Scene

Ominous Voice


Leo wakes up from his sleep. He is staying in an unfamiliar inn, as the party has not seen him in a few weeks.

Leo looks around. Realizing that the voice must have been imagined, he lays back down to sleep. Leo has just barely closed his eyes when he feels another presence in the room. He sits up.

The Old Man is standing in front of him.

“Leo, the Darkest Night is here… the night I warned you about years ago.”

The Cleric struggles to find the words he wants to say…

“Your friends have done something truly spectacular. They’ve destroyed something I’ve sought to destroy for a long time.” The old man sits down at a stool near the bed.

“What did they destroy?” Leonarios asks.

“You’ve been calling them the Red Robes. I call them my children. They were the first creation. My first creation.”

The pause from Leo is from confusion. “Excuse me?”

“I created them, and they helped me create all of this, this universe” The Old Man responds.

“You created them? But they are so manipulative! They created the evils! They are evil!!!” Leo’s voice rises.

He continues, “They had differing ideas from my vision. I wanted to leave my creations alone and let them have choice. The ‘Red Robes’ wanted to control things in order to make for more interesting dynamics. Our arguments peaked when they created the ten evils you know of today.”

Leo’s eyes widen, soaking in all the information. Somewhere Kickit gasps and is unsure why.

“They had gone too far, so I stripped them of their privileges. and banished them. You can imagine they did not take it very well. I had created something with one purpose, when I took that purpose away from them… well, they went mad.”

Leo interjects, “They betrayed you?”

“One of them, a wise and cunning one, decided he would tell them all his version of the truth. He told them that I did not really create him. He told them that I had lied to them for their existence. He fabricated a story, and told them all that this was the truth. In their moment of weakness, they latched onto it.”

“What did my friends destroy?”

“The fortress that they took from me. Now they have nothing. If they cannot monitor, create, destroy, change, manipulate… then they will go mad.”

“Why did you come to tell me this?”

“Because now you, and your companions, can fix what they ruined. And you can do it without their manipulation. Once the ten evils are gone… this universe will be the peoples. It will be yours, as well as the farmer children, as well as the goblins, and so on. As I intended originally.”

The old man gets up to leave… “You will start by killing the Eternal Giant with the Ring of Rothum not because you’re tricked into it, but because you choose to do it.”

Leo is stuck in contemplation…

As the old man leaves the room, Leo calls out after him.

“Why didn’t you stop the Red Robes? Why didn’t you destroy them?”

The old man smiles.
“Leo, surely I am not all powerful. Nor all knowing. I have kindness in my heart and faith in good. That is all…”

Season 19 Ep 2 After Credits Scene

Camera looms over two men dragging a massive chest across a barren sandy floor.
They struggle with the partially open chest, gold coins fall out of it.

They finally get it to the other side of the room. They present it to a prince-looking figure sitting on a throne of skulls. Steam/fog is coming off his crown made of coagulated blood.

He reaches down and smiles at the gold coins, he picks up a few.

“Good work men, take it to my room…”

They begin to remove the chest before this figure stops them:

“Wait… Bring it closer”

He leans off the chair and picks up one single piece of gold from the chest.

“What… is… this…?”

The camera zooms on the gold piece… one from the capital on Ablecto.
The camera cuts to black

“Very interesting…”

Season 18 Finale After Credits Scene

Black Screen, The sound of glass shattering…

Kronos and Zariel in their final death spin, they have just crashed through the glass ceiling of a large temple dedicated to Asmodaus in the Bronze Citadel.

100 feet separates them both from a gruesome splat. Kronos still in mist form, the grasp of Domain still keeps him attached to Zariel. Their gaze menacing…

“It was fun” Gasps Zariel, blood gushing from his mouth.

Kronos snickers, knowing that the end is less than a second from now.

Zariel’s hand slips on the sword, Kronos knows what he is doing. They both slam into the ground suddenly, but both are alive. Kronos materializes and looks on to see what final trick Zariel has for him.

The Lord of Avernus produces the glowing blue cube that houses the contract between him and Bel.

“Your friends will suffer and end like none other, not that they deserve it…”

Kronos lunges at Zariel’s smirking face. Domain arrives, floating between them, and Kronos must draw against the powerful sword. Zariel paces back and forth as Kronos dodges blows and attempts to get close to his enemy.

Zariel pauses, in pain. “This is really the end, then…?” He opens the container effortlessly…

The scroll falls out, and Zariel shudders, grabs his wound and falls to a knee.

He burns the contract up.

Immediately, you hear it.


The ground shakes, and dust begins falling from the temple. Asmodaus’ statue watches on as fissures begin crumbling his temple. Bel roars and the solid ground is thrust up and away. Fire engulfs the plane as an eruption ten thousand feet in the air begins, centered around them. Kronos is flung upward, as is Zariel. Dominion is lost in the explosion, as is all else.

The Fiery column of ash and hellfire propels the arch enemies thousands of feet in the air. Kronos can only feel the acceleration as he tries to orient himself… the black ash, and the hellfire glow behind it, bright as a thousand suns completely blind him.

“This is the end Kronos…” Kronos turns left and right… up and down. Zariels voice echoes mockingly.

“The End for you…”

Kronos draws his katana he knows this may be the last time he gets to use—-
— he feels it knocked out of his hand.

Razkzar’s Dagger! He pulls it from his belt before its torn from his grasp by debris from the destroyed citadel.

His backpack, engulfed in hellfire is tossed as well.

Kronos flies ever upward. For a brief moment he can see… as he ascends above the eruption’s clouds.

Looking frantically all around for his friends, he sees Zariel rising to meet him.

Bracing for the impact, Kronos hears a voice behind him.

“You can do it son…” Kronos turns to see a ghostly visage of his father.
“Here…” Dion presents Kronos with a leather bound sword.
“I meant to give this to you, when you were old enough.”
Kronos, confused responds, “I dont understand.”

“I dont have enough time to explain”, gesturing to Zariel flying at Kronos… “but maybe I’ll see you down here… my son. When this is over..”

Kronos looks at his father, unable to cry. “Father… I… this is it for me”

“No son, a Waveharp will continue to ring on… as long as the final note is loud enough.”

Kronos nods.. and draws the sword. Its weightless and glows silver and white.
Without another word Kronos plunges towards Zariel, sword first.

“Make the last note count son…” Dion whispers.

Zariel and Kronos. Their rage fuels their speed, as they both break the sound barrier. Zariel’s sword is summoned just before they meet.

They clash and send a shockwave that clears the dust and ash all around them.

The epic last fight continues as they jump from lava projectile to meteor. Both adversaries are set ablaze and their sword strikes send sparks shooting skyward. Zariel looks fearful as Kronos begins a flurry of blows that begin to damage Dominion. The deadly sword falters and shatters as Kronos pierces Zariel through the face.

:“NOW DIE!” Kronos twists the blade in a gruesome fashion and Zariel’s life leaves his pathetic body.

Kronos is falling now… fast. He casts the worthless body aside.

“Are my friends ok?” is all Kronos can think. As he scans the horizon, he sees them, the group is below him, but by over 2000 feet. He sees them huddle together and disappear with a flash of light.

Kronos takes a sigh of relief. The sword given to him by his father slowly fades away…

The Vampire falls back into the ash storm. The Fire, Lava, and 500mph winds make short work of the vampire. He is discorporated instantly.

Some time later, the ghostly cloud forces itself into the shape of Kronos…

The deadly firestorm does not let up, and Kronos knows he won’t be able to find his coffin in time, if its still even in one piece.

“I wish… I could tell them all thank you.” Kronos thinks back to his friends. He thinks about the adventures with Balaake,

Pranking Griffin…

Having friendly debates with Oz…

When he first met Spinner…

Kronos regains his composure as he looks off on the new world Bel is crafting.

“I hope they all know I love them, and… I’d do it again, all for them.”

For once… Kronos feels happiness. He places a hand over his heart. And…



Season 18: Episode 8 After Credits Scene

After the traditional credits finish, the screen remains black…

Water dropping….
Water dropping and echoing…

The stalagmites cross the screen eventually receding to the cavern behind.
Alone sits Siege Dwarf on the Throne.

Cutting sharply to Siege Dwarf, he takes off the crown of Hovrat, his distant ancestor.

“Whats the damn point in Kronos tricking me into hanging out here?”

“Who the hell does Kronos think he his… doesn’t he know who I am?”


Suddenly the crown vibrates, changed hue and Siege Dwarf drops the crown onto the ground. The crown has astral projections reflecting off its tips.

“What in earth…?”

He picks up the crown and puts it on…

Cuts to Black.

“I am Siege Dwarf….”


Season 15, Episode 14 End of Credits Scene

The Shot opens, to an incredible establishing shot.
Flying over a vast mountain range, morning fog whisps over the peaks and descends into the valley…

The snow capped peaks are menacing in their jaggedness and height.

As we sail through the sky we fall upon a small cottage on top of a mountain.

The camera descends and leads us closer to the property. A small garden of mountain beets and other wildflowers makes this small house feel very welcoming and homey.

As we get inside we see an old halfling man sipping on a strong sweet tea and reading a religious book. Suddenly a loud thud knocks the larger pitcher of tea from its place on the table. Confused, the halfling gets up and tends to the spill. Next he goes to the window…

Outside the window he sees nothing out of the ordinary. Fog blankets his little cottage, followed by brief flashes of sunlight. It is windy up here.

Determined, he heads to the front door. Outside…

He sees his beautiful garden… confused still, he takes a few steps outside and after a moment, he turns to go back in, “That was wierd…”

As the door creaks closed, he hears it again, a lout thud, and after that incredible scraping sounds, as if massive boulders are being compacted.

The camera, focused on the slit in the door now, reveal the halflings eyes looking outside, and we can see that he sees it…

Another thud.

The Slit closes.

A louder Thud.

Inside, the halfling reaches for his ceremonial figurine of the god that will protect him.

A louder thud still, and a whisper…

“Ashardalon… where is he…?

The halfling looks up from behind his comfy and large chair…

The house is obliterated. A foot and leg that make the house appear like a childs toy descends upon the roof, crushing it so that only one corner of the house stands upright. The halfling, still clutching onto his faith looks up as he stands in the only part of the house that exists still.

He looks up, wind kicking up the lighter belongings around him. His beard and hair is forced onto his face. he need not move it aside to see what stands above him.

The two clawed reptilian leg moves over his head and continues its path through the mountains.

The Halfling face gazes on after it in pure shock. His eyes very quickly turn red, and as they do, the screen cuts to red.

Season 15, Episode 6 End of Credits Scene

The 262nd day of the year brought Voadus no rain…
The day after a great reaping of the great capital, the wreckage and ruin of fire and death hangs low on the city streets…

a low shot of a man dead in the street… it is Clarence, his head flattened like a pancake, but his armour is very distinguishable. The shot hangs on Clarence’s head, until two black elven boots walk into the frame… the camera follows these two boots- walking with purpose- toward the castle.

Hellias stands at the door to the East Wing with Griffin, discussing why the Lizardpeople want this door opened to badly… Griffin has a hard time staying focused as he remembers Vonom is no longer around…. The camera pans from Griffins face up to the destroyed section of hallway…

A young wood elf man sits tied up in a chair in a rocking ship. The ocean water is filling up the cavity very rapidly… The man falls to the floor and rolls to the knocked over table. He smashes through a mixture of birthday cake and seawater to the knife that was supposed to be for his celebration. He cuts the rope from the chair and manages to get out to see a ship leaving in the distance. A close up reveals his words “Kronos, I will kill you”

Cuts to Black

Opens on a mossy temple, overgrown with vines…

A hulking lizardman, with white scales approaches Venril Sathir, the leader of the Iskar. He stands tall and very unhappy as he notes that the Belt of Death is missing and he has failed in his mission. A larger blunder than he will accept, death will not be granted to WhiteScale, and he banishes this albino Triceratops to the forest.
WhiteScale travels, obviously angry at his own failure… “Sjasush suirrr serash siurumjuxsh”
As he angrily smashes a rock in to two pieces, when he hears something behind him…

WhiteScale turns and looks fearful…

The camera does not show the figure, but has a shot of the figures shadow… and BLOOD drips to the stone on which this person stands…

BACK to Voadus City… the elven boots arrive at the castle… A shot of the sun behind the figure, gives us a silhouette of a slender man.

Kronos Returns…

Catalyst Ending Credits Scene (Episode 4)

The credits end and the screen holds at black.

A young voice, a child’s, permeates the still black screen
“You know many will die… sire”

This time a man, whos voice is calm and easily recognizable as the voice of the Murderer, responds:
“People have died before, and will continue to die. Death does not stop. It only ends…”

“…Life, yes it ends life. Sorry master.” The young boy apologizes, now quieter.

The shot opens on a zombie looking 10 year old human male staring up at the audience. <fades>

The shot opens back from black slowly to reveal the silhouette of the Murderer grasping for a rod crafted from the spinal chord of a man… at the tip is a sinister looking gem that glows yellow as he touches it.

It again fades to black.


Season 14 After Credits Scene

After the cloudy skies above Ravenloft return to normal, the party escapes to saftey…

Its dark outside, and you can hear the scuffle of stubby feet grind against the soft earth. Four pairs of legs of the gypsies come into the cameras view.. they are walking through the iron gate at the entrance to Barovia’s forest.

The camera pans up and behind them to reveal a coffin being carried OUT of Barovia… towards Voadus.

The camera fades to black and you can hear Strahds laughter.

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