Spinner Dune

Where... Where am I?... Help...


Level: 16
Age: 27/28
Race: Halfling
Class: Ranger
Alignment: Choatic Good
Weight: 40lbs
Height: 3’5"

Homeland: Ablecto-Desert

Spinner is small and slight, making it easy for others to underestimate his strength. He has warm tanned skin and large brown eyes.
He usually has his hair tied back.

-Friendship and Trust
-Well-being of others
-Striving for what is right


Things are changing.

Everyone can’t help but feel the the distance that secrets are causing rifts in the party.

Spinner wants desperately for it to be like the old days, a blind and simple trust between party members (despite harboring his own secrets).

With recent discoveries he thinks that maybe it’s time to take his nose out of his little red book. However, his worry for his friends and curiosity will keep it in his hands.

-Loves to relax in the sun. (if peaceful enough) He’ll spend hours napping in the warmth.
-Often collects souvenirs from adventures, without really realizing it.
-Has always wanted to learn how to play an instrument.
-Sometimes wonders what it would be like to be taller. Often decides it would be a bad thing.
-Doesn’t like to be given titles of authority

The Party

Leo: Admirable. He’s always there for us, and always willing to sacrifice himself. I don’t really understand everything he’s doing- but it’s always for what he sees as good, and no one can really argue that’s a bad thing! He’s become so much more independent since I met him. Life feels different without him always around. I am glad to call him a friend.

Rorak: I don’t see him very often, which is a little sad. Rorak- despite his bad choices- has always been very honest and simple in his decisions. With him it feels like its a simple yes or no, no secrets or conspiracy.

Oz: Oz has always been smart. He’s one of the smartest I think… He and Griffin! The only thing is I don’t think Oz always considers who is listening when he goes into his theories… It makes me a little nervous sometimes. Still, he’s not afraid to jump right into things. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing just depends on what hole he’s jumping into I suppose.

Regdar: He’s so strong- and not just physically. I can only hope to be so solid in the face of tragedy or conflict. And fighting with only one arm? That’s crazy! I’d be completely useless. I’m really grateful of him for taking the title of King… It’s far too big and needed someone who could carry the weight and not let it crush him.

Ander: The other halfling! Ander is a whole lot of fun, and I wish he and I could be better friends. We’re just cut from different cloth though, he just seems all whimsy and can take to the skies… And I just have trouble letting go of the world lately.

Kronos: One of my dearest friends. He, like others, has grown distant and I worry for him and his safety. He’s the leader and I’d follow him near wherever he goes- I just wish these secrets could be dispelled. He has a shadow hanging over him, perhaps it’s up to the rest of us to help him find a light.

Griffin: Griffin will always have a solid place in my heart, I trust him like family. His intelligence rivals Oz and it would be fun to see the two in a battle of wits. I think right now Griffin is one of the people I trust the most. He works hard despite risk and can always think of a plan. He takes the reigns and gets us moving.

Milo: He’s very positive and I appreciate his value for other people’s lives. He’s selfless almost to a fault, I just wish he would think about himself a little more… With how mismatched and crazy our party is, I think he fits right in.

Carrow: He’s an odd guy, but kinda fun!

Quick Backstory

Spinner grew up in a small desert town so he feels most at home when the sun beats down on his back. His house was made up of three separate families, though if asked any member would reply they were all one in the same.

The Daye children were adopted by Spinner’s parents when his mother found the two trekking the desert, their parents killed in a raid. Not too long after the human children were invited into their home, Spinner and Bristle were born!
Polaris, grateful to his adoptive family dedicated himself to protecting the two new halfling twins.

Along with Robin and Evers, Polaris taught the young Spinner the ways of the hunt. How to follow the stars, track animals, find plants to feed the family.
And though they were not the most well off, they were happy.

Once the twins reached thirteen they were plagued by night terrors, claiming to see a man who played the flute at their doors. This lasted for months before all was quiet again. However, they were both still haunted by the melody that played in their dreams.

Summer, Autumn, Winter, all passed without any trouble. A calm spring night and a man entered the town- flute to his lips and he played. The sound traveled into all of the houses and children rose from their beds- mesmerized by the haunting sound. They wandered into the streets and gathered around the man- eyes glazed over.
He led them away.

When Spinner woke he was in a grassy clearing, the blue sky bright to his eyes. He’d never seen any place like this before! Around him were sleeping children Tally, Bristle, and Winter included.
He was lost, and terrified, and still that melody played- ringing in the back of his mind. Then a voice whispered: value what I have given you. And remember…

The children began to wake one by one and once they’d gathered themselves, Spinner and his siblings began their journey to find home again.

It took them a year and a half but they did find their town again, but there was no family to be found.
The children discovered through travelers that the town had been ravaged by a plague that killed nearly everyone.
Lost in despair the siblings traveled aimlessly for three years before parting ways.
Each in search of the last thing they had hold of- that mysterious man and his striking melody.

(Something like that.)

Almond Milfoil – Mother (Deceased-Plague)
Robin Dune – Father (Deceased-Plague)
Finch Dune – Sister (Deceased-Plague)
Gilly Milfoil – Sister (Deceased- Plague)
Bristle Dune – Twin Sister
Evers Tilia “Uncle” (Deceased- Plague)
Willow Tilia “Sister/Cousin” (Deceased- Plague)
Tally Tilia “Sister/Cousin”
Winter Daye “Sister/Cousin” *
Polaris Daye “Brother/Cousin” * (Deceased- Plague)


Spinner Dune

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