Rorak Dartooth

I am not unreasonable until you say something to piss me off.


Last Update: 1/12/2018

Level: 19
Age: 33
Height: 6’ 1"
Race: Human
Class: FIghter
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Character Creator: Logan J. Marshall
Player Stats:
STR: 20 CON: 14
INT: 16 DEX: 12
WIS: 16 CHA: 13

Physical Traits:

Rorak has short light brown hair that has been lazily cut and looks like he does it himself. He also has blue eyes with two scars across his face. His left ear is burnt off a bit on the edge. His left leg has a little bit of a limp. Rorak has lean muscle with a broad set of shoulders. Rorak is a big fan of being shirtless and just wearing his pants and bracers in combat.

Behavioral Traits:

Rorak has been slowly becoming more humble realizing that no matter how strong he gets there will always be something more powerful. He still has his occasional hot head moments but for the most part that has slowed down significantly. On a day to day basis Rorak he is stubborn but not unreasonable. To a person not in The Invictus Enclave he is definitely on the more closed off/short side.


- His closes companion was Dovahkin Stormtooth but has shifted to Kronos Waveharp because Rorak was disappointed in Dovahkins switch to “normal” life.

- He had an extreme hatred for Orcs growing up but since becoming one and also fighting along side some in multiple wars he has grown to like them. Still cant stand Goblins though.

- He secretly pray to the god Rallos Zek but stopped after years of realizing he didn’t need a god to be menacing or do what he needs to do.

- Rorak was married to a human women named Marxa. Who he loved very much but made the grave mistake of thinking he could have a family and continue to adventure without consequences. Lich murdered her in cold blood.

- Rorak had a single male child who was stolen by the Lich then taken back in time and raised by him to hate me. His child figured it out then went on a vengeance quest to kill Lich but he was unsuccessful resulting in his death.

- Rorak has a constant battle with his evil tendencies. His group is the only thing that ties him to the good side of humanity. Although he misses the days of being able to tear a part an enemy that screwed them over he only does it when the group lets the reigns off (Which is rare but a good release for him).

- Rorak would spend the rest of life fighting for the group. He wouldn’t know what to do if wasn’t part of this group.


Rorak Dartooth Family Tree:


Arcadia The Eldest Daughter: (15 years older) Arcadia is the most beautiful in our family with the most predominant half elf features (Both sisters are half elf’s). She is the most kind person Rorak has ever met in his life. She practices magic because her father was a Druid and wanted a successor. She left when Rorak was 10 to get taught by her birth father.

Tyballa The Youngest Daughter: (8 years older) Tyballa was wise beyond her years and was Roraks best friend. She was just as strong as Rorak and had a very similar personality. She ‘died’ in front of Rorak from an ambush (assumed death as Rorak when on he just assumed she died) . She was the one the helped Rorak get on the ship from 1st session. Saddest day of Roraks life.

Kalamorn The Eldest Son: (7 years older) Kolomorn was by far the wisest of the Dartooths. He quickly rose to the top of the military ranks and was a chief strategist. Kolomorn was more of father figure to Rorak but, Rorak would never admit it. Kolomorn believed in empathy over his victims and would rather have a fair fight for an honorable win.

Eckard The Youngest Son: (1 year younger) Eckard was by far the strongest Dartooth and the favorite of Rogoth (the father). He had some serious evil tendencies and would constantly blame Rorak for his fuck ups. He loved military training so he could join the front lines and just murder anyone in his path. He fought with Rorak only a handful of times and was by far more ruthless.


Mother: Treueth Dartooth: She was a lover over a fighter. She is the one who kept the family together when everyone left for military training and war. She had 5 children Rorak being the 4th youngest but, by far the most rebellious.

Father: Rogoth Dartooth: Rogoth is a father of 3 sons (Kalamorn, Rorak, and Eckard) and a step father to (Arcadia, and Tyballa) the girls of the family. Rorak hated his father and forced him to join military operations. Rogoth wanted to have Dartooth to be a crazy successful military family.


Rhithin Dartooth: The father of Rogoth and greatly admired how much Rogoth accomplished. Rhithin was a strategists for multiple kingdoms and help made a lot of victories. Rhithin was more about peace through out the world rather then the glory of the fight but, he did enjoy when he was younger.

Sorcha Dartooth: A powerful Sorcerer that caught the eye of Rhithin. She was an opposing strategist that beat Rogoth. They eventually had to come together for a bigger fight and in love with each other’s minds for war. At first it was scandalous but no one wanted to boot either of them out of power. Sorcha is still a mystery to most of the family and we don’t know if she is still living. She was heard from again after the death of Rogoth.


Griffin Tornhiem: A dear friend of Roraks. He and Kronos are probably the closest thing he has to family and he truly loves these two more then they ever shows. Griffin was an annoying wizard that always had something to say in there early adventure together but over the years Rorak really enjoyed the thought provoking ideas he has brought to the table. Griffin enjoys his pipe and actually hooked Rorak on it bit. Rorak is secretly a little jealous of elemental power he posses because Rorak has such hard time with being non magical. Rorak does not have a contingency plan for Griffin because he hasnt shown any signs of possible betrayal.

Kronos Waveharp: Another dear friend of Roraks. Kronos has always had a special place in Roraks heart because he shared a similar evil tendencies that Rorak had as well (Rorak thought he was the only one for a long time). Kronos always had a passion for becoming stronger and faster and Rorak felt as if they were competing in playful way which he’s never experienced (Roraks only ever competed with his brothers and you either win or lose). Although Kronos was a vampire for most of the time he knew him, Rorak always felt that Kronos was truly human with constant conflicting sides of light and dark. Rorak had a contingency plan for Vampire Kronos but hasn’t thought of one for Human Kronos yet.

Leonarios ShieldHart: Leo is a great person to have in our party. Although he is cheery and likable there is a bone missing inside of him. Rorak can’t pin it but he knows that Leo does not trust him 100% but that goes both ways. The egg of desire concerns Rorak he doesn’t like that someone in the party can control the whole group that easily. Leo recently became engaged and that is driving a wedge his relationship with Leo. Leo is effective and ruthless when he thinks what he is doing just. Rorak has multiple contingency plans for Leo.

Spinner Dune: Spinner is stuck somewhere in the middle of a good friend and something similar to Leo. Spinner loves to argue with him. I think Spinner is equally as stubborn with Rorak as he with everyone else. I feel as if Spinner has never truly approved of Rorak and Rorak does want to feel welcome with Spinner because Kronos and Griffin get along so well with him. Maybe our personalities are too similar at times? He isnt sure but Spinner is by far the most secretive of the group and that scares Rorak. Rorak has a contingency plan for Spinner.

Fijit Ravenloft: Fijit is just a bag of fun and Rorak thoroughly enjoys Fijits antics. He is little and isn’t insecure about it so brings a lot of unique possibilities to the world. Fijit is full of life and enjoys a drink as much as the next guy. Now Rorak doesn’t see Fijit a whole lot but he enjoys his presents immensely. Rorak has no contingency plan for Fijit.

Oso: Oso is another one similar to Kronos. Rorak understands is struggle of just wanting to kill everything because its easier but Oso is young and inexperienced. Rorak doesn’t truly know what Oso’s powers are exactly he knows that bears are definitely his favorite and thats a little scary. Oso is quiet but easy to talk to. Rorak never went out of his way to talk to Oso but they share a few pints of mead and are more similar then he would of guessed.

Sasha: Its obvious to most people in the party who know Sasha and Rorak that they like each other but Rorak would never say. Sasha is a badass warrior that Rorak has seen in combat a handful of times but is safe to say was impressed with the way she can handle her self. Unfortunately the closer they get the more Rorak thinks about is dead family and how losing someone like that again might kill him but, if Rorak was to try something again why not a person who could defend her self and have a child that we train from a young age to fight and have a family that he could be proud to fight with. Rorak cant help think about all the destructive magic he has seen in his life and knows that the only way he could proceed with something like this is if he killed the Lich and he knew he was dead. Rorak is falling for Sasha and hopes she is doing the same. Roraks contingency plan is only for future boy friends of Sasha’s.

Dovahkin Stormtooth: Roraks true best friend. Dovahkin shared a love for battle even with there clashing alignment view they always respected each other. Unlike Leo, Dovahkin valued his god as a way of power and not a blinding bond that cant bend. Dovahkin was wise and honorable. He was the brother Rorak wanted and early on you couldn’t separate them from a good fight. Dovahkin moved away to have a family and be safe from harm which, made a lot of sense Rorak knows Dragonborns dont have the longest lifespan so better early while his enemy list was low. Rorak is in a way jealous that he could do that but also resents him for leaving the group. Rorak has dreamed about being old and married with kids and having Dovahkin being the next house over. Rorak has never had a contingency plan for Dovahkin.

The Dwarven Lich: Mortal enemy of Roraks. Rorak hasnt known true hatred until encountering the Lich. He is ruthless, cunning, witty, and ready to ruin my life the second I get something moving. I have no compassion for the Lich but there is a mutual respect between the two of us. There are certain situations were they will randomly meet and they don’t just kill each other anymore because its a long game now. I kill him and it makes him mad and he takes away something that I love then I kill him again. Its a never ending circle and Rorak knows it. Rorak would give just about anything to kill the Lich but he has also come to terms with maybe never killing him because the possibility of finding that phylactery is so slim. Rorak will always have hope though. Rorak has many contingency plans for the lich but is unsure of which ones will work effectively.

Rorak Dartooth

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