Rorak Dartooth

Get in my way and you lose your limbs


Level: 12
Age: 26
Height: 6’ 1"
Race: Human
Class: Warlord
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Character Creator: Logan J. Marshall
Player Stats:
STR: 20 CON: 14
INT: 16 DEX: 14
WIS: 16 CHA: 14

Physical Traits:
Rorak has long light brown hair that is shaved on the sides. He also has blue eyes with two scars across his face. His left ear is burnt off about half way down.

Behavioral Traits:
Rorak is extremely stubborn and really cant cool down after a heated situation. He usually makes rash decisions not really thinking about the future. He is also extremely reckless and arrogant. Since Rorak’s home planet was destroyed it is a lot harder for him to connect to anything. Marxa and alcohol are the only thing the keeps Rorak from spiraling out of control.

- My closes companion is Dovahkin Stormtooth.
- I absolutely hate goblins and most orcs.
- People who aren’t worth living I WILL KILL.
- I secretly pray to the god Rallos Zek (who is an orc) but he will give me the strength to kill bristlebane.
- I rushed my marriage because I need a purpose in life.
- I feel extremely evil at times and those are the times I feel most alive.
- I hate my self for following Rallos Zek but I do it to feed my dark side.
- I want most in life is to have people follow me and I don’t care if its by fear or loyalty.


Adventuring Log:
Year 1: Rorak started off his journey by moving to a different continent but ends up being taken slave. He ends up meeting a group of adventures that all happened to know the same man in the city. Rorak is now accompanied by Dovahkin, Rukon, Oz, Tai, and Vasco. Our friend in the city tells us that there is a thunder god forming an army on the mountain and is taking slaves. Thats where our first adventure started. We journeyed up the mountain facing an goblin dungeon and taking down a thunder bird. As soon as we reached the top we had to fight off an army of Thunder Giants. We bust down the kingdom door and a giant thunder titan is sitting on his throne. He was incredibly strong and we had almost no chance against him but with a couple luck strikes we able to defeat him.

Rorak Dartooth

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