Regdar Stonefire

"Pit your nobility and wealth against my heart and sword, then we'll see who is fit to reign." -King Regdar Of the Crescent Moon


Strength: 18/60%

Attractive: 30

Favored weapons/attacks/checks:
-Blade of the Crescent Moon
-Barbarian Axe


Regdar was born the only child of his parents, Jonko and Claribel Stonefire, in Vinhawn. He was learning to be a traveling merchant like his parents until age 7, when his parents were attacked and killed by bandits on a merchant trail. For the next 18 years Regdar would live with his uncle and his cousins in Aldcourt, working as a merchant for his uncle’s shop.

Regdar disliked his uncle for treated him like a black sheep for so many years. When Kronos Waveharp and Party A approached him to join the adventurers, Regdar did not hesitate to leave his uncle and cousins in Aldcourt to bring fame to the Stonefire name.

During his adventures, he and the party were attacked by a group of sand elves led by Sharu. He gave her a love potion and were “inseperable” since then. Sharu has birthed a son and a daughter,( Beinion )and Agariel, and is expecting a third child. Regdar also became the King of Voadus through Spinner Dune’s abdication.

Regdar’s infatuation with himself reflects his greatest insecurity- his fear that he could never be the man his parents told him to be. Taunts from his uncle and cousin are deeply rooted in his need to assert himself, but he could never admit that. His stubbornness is his strength and his weakness. Once he realized that only one of his cousins made it out alive in the (Urum-Shar) attacks, Regdar’s regret that he could have saved them only fed the <> Regdar, in honor of his parents

Regdar Stonefire

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