Nicias Milo Silva

Milo the helpful Cleric


Level: 14
Age: 20 (Half-Elf equivalent)
Height: 5’10
Class: Cleric
Race: Half-Elf
Alignment: Neutral Good

Physical Description: Milo has a lean build and olive tan skin from his days spent adventuring. His left arm is scarred from burns, a reminder never to shake or break a Djinn’s lamp. Milo’s hair is a dark shade of brown that is often pulled back in a disheveled ponytail, though when it is down it falls to just below shoulder length. His eyes are an almond brown and around his neck he bears the holy symbol of Quellious.

Personality: As a follower of Quellious, Milo is on a quest to find inner peace. Some may call him a bit naive at times and not particularly perceptive, but he always strives do all he can to help those in need. He is known to walk into danger, uncertain or not, if he believes he can give his aid in some way. When Milo began adventuring, he was quick to trust and easily fooled by a number of people. Though his adventures have wizened him somewhat, he still tries to see the best in those he meets. Unless he encounters true evil, Milo often seeks to resolve any conflict through peaceful means. He only resorts to violence if his friends are in danger or he can see no other option. His compassion for others is what drives him to keep improving his skills as a cleric. He has a great admiration for Leo, for his healing abilities and will to protect his friends. Milo hopes to one day be as strong as he is.


Nicias Milo Silva

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