Loch Nes

Unpredictable Necromancer


Gender: Male

Race: Half-Elf

Class: Necromancer

Age: 18 (In Human years)

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Deity: None… yet

Height: 5"9

Weight: 130

Attractive: 21


Father – Nicasio Nes
- Human
- Worked as a rare item hunter for Verllye
- Fate: Alive

Mother – Cosima Nes
- Elf
- Ex-Wizard, Currently travels around the world selling magical items
- Fate: Alive

Sister – Drusilla Nes
- Half-Elf
- Loch’s younger sister
- Was experimented on and turned into a vampire by Nicasio when she was a child (she looks 10 years old)
- Fate: Alive (Whereabouts unknown)

Brother – Witt Nes
- Half-Elf (a baby)
- The youngest member of the Nes family
- Learning to become a merchant and travels with Cosima
- Fate: Alive

Half-Brother – Mercury
- Human Paladin
- Was born a few years after Loch
- Loch and Mercury hate each other
- Fate: Alive (Whereabouts unknown)

*Appearance: *
Hair- Short black
Eye Color- Red
Build- Thin

- Wants to build a fortress
- Wants an army under his control
- Wants to kill Mercury
- Wants to become a Lich and/or Learn from a Lich
- Makes rash decisions all the time but always has a plan in the long run
- Oldest child in his family
- Was close to his father and sister Drusilla before she ran away


Loch Nes grew up in Verllye almost his whole life. His father was sent on constant missions while Loch was growing up and he would eagerly await his fathers return. Every time his father would return, he would give Loch and his younger sister Drusilla presents from his missions. What Loch and Drusilla didn’t know is that the objects that were given to them were actually cursed or magical items. These items would often hurt them or make bad things happen. Loch and Drusilla didn’t actually know that their father was experimenting on them because he would always put a stop to things if they got too bad. By stopping the bad things that happened to them, Loch and Drusilla actually grew closer to their father. Once Nicasio figured out what the “gifts” did he would take them away from his children and present them to the army and assassins in Verllye to use as weapons.

One day after returning from one of his missions, Nicasio brought back a ring from one of his missions and presented it to Loch. He wore the ring every day for a year. Nicasio thought the ring was completely useless but what he didn’t know is that the ring was slowly causing Loch to lose his mind. Loch started to say or do weird things and often make rash decisions. Eventually, Loch’s father realized the change in his son and gave the ring to the assassins. However, Loch’s mind was permanently changed by that point.

Loch didn’t care much for his mother because she was interested in selling magical items and that was boring to him. Loch spent a lot of time with his sister and they grew very close. Then one day, their father returned with two special gifts. A black spellbook with strange writings on the front was given to Loch and a giant metal/chained coffin was given to Drusilla however she wasn’t allowed to open hers until the night. When Drusilla came to her father’s office she was allowed to open the coffin, and when she did she saw there was a vampire chained up inside. Nicasio immediately grabbed his daughter and tied her up, then he forced the chained up vampire to perform the vampire ritual on his daughter. She survived the ritual and changed drastically. She became more harsh towards her father after she realized what he had been doing this whole time. He noted the process and studied Drusilla for weeks. One night Drusilla escaped from her bindings and ran far away without saying goodbye to the rest of her family.

Meanwhile, the book was fascinating for Loch and he learned so much from it. There was an incantation that Loch memorized and when he said it, a skeleton appeared. Loch read as much of the book as possible and attempted to memorize as much as he could but like all his previous gifts, it was taken away from him and given to the assassins of Verllye. Loch believed the lie his father told him about his sisters disappearance and continued on with his life without a second thought.

When Loch became older he found out his mother was pregnant with another child. Loch didn’t know how he felt about this. While Loch was finding out that he had a new sibling coming, his father returned from another one of his missions but he didn’t bring a gift for Loch. Instead he brought his half-brother Mercury who was around the same age as Loch. He couldn’t figure out why his father brought this boy to his home or where he even came from. What he did know is that he hated. He was the complete opposite of himself in every way. Mercury would often call Loch evil and a monster. The two fought all the time and Mercury always had the advantage because he was a paladin. Loch’s skeletons didn’t even stand a chance against his holy magic. From that point on Loch ran away from home. He wanted to become more powerful so he could kill Mercury for being so different and mean to him.

Eventually, Loch heard rumors of a Lich running around Vinhawn. Loch tried to track it down so he could learn from it, until he sensed a magical presence coming from a nearby town. He thought the strange magic was the Lich but it was actually something different. he found out the town was over run by brainwashed dwarves. It was in this city that Loch came across the party. He has since been with the party searching for ways to become more powerful and always on the lookout for someone to teach him more powerful necrotic magic. Loch dreams of becoming a powerful Lich with a fortress and legions of minions to do his bidding.

After witnessing a picture of a Dragon, Loch recalled the name of a powerful sword that the dragon possessed. Loch convinced his “allies” that he was loyal and on their side, however Loch had different motives. He told his allies that they should hunt after the dragon and claim its treasure but really Loch planned on betraying his team and wanted to ally with the dragon. When the party stood before the dragon ready for battle, Loch searched the treasure room for the sword while the party fought the dragon. Eventually, Loch slipped up and accidentally opened the dragons treasure hoard. He grabbed the sword and summoned a demon to destroy his former “friends.”

Having left the party, Loch set out with the sword trying to conquer nearby lands in an attempt to start establishing his own army.

Loch Nes

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