Leonarios Shieldhart

"I owe everything to my friends." -Leo, Son of Pelor


Level: 17
Age: 27
Height: 5’ 7"
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Lawful Good


Leonarios Shieldhart was an angel created by Pelor, then later sent down as a mortal half-elf to Ablecto to aid Rorak and Dovakin in the swamp. He was heartbroken to find out that Pelor was killed in a war of gods, and had lost his holy and childlike way of life. Leo, from the advice given by Dovakin, refound his path when he sough refuge in the guidance of the god Marr. Adventuring on Ablecto saw Leo come close to death due to his curiosity, until eventually he died when a Blue Dragon attacked the ship the party was on. He was resurrected in the Capital City.

Vinhawn is where Leo really came into his own. Adventuring has taken a toll on his impishness, but he grew to assume a prominent role within in the party to try to keep them together. He always puts others before himself, and the party’s needs before his own. He considers the party as family as he has no relation to any living person. After slaving in Hell with Oz and a timely run-in with Pelor, Leo took a more serious devotion to honing in on his abilities rather than discovering what it means to be alive in this world.

Leo’s prophetic dreams are becoming more frequent and intense as he grows stronger through adventuring and a growing number in followers. He slowly starts to realize the stronger he gets, the more other people rely on him, or are after him. He chooses to be safe in his decisions than run into a chance encounter when he’s with others, but isn’t afraid to take a leap of faith by himself if it means the well-being of others.

Leo is the High Priest and Vicar of Voadus. He’s enjoying the company of Hilgar on his travels, and his war steed Oseka is being taken care of in the castle, though Auris the unicorn is more than happy to aid him. Leo enjoys the arts, particularly acting in the theater. He holds fondness for the cosmos, as if he feels his rightful place lies within the stars and the sky. His favorite snacks are sweet- a chocolate covered waffle is his preferred craving.

He’s had an interesting romantic history. He’s dated the Captain, Ceren, and has held the romantic interests of Chri-Es, Barma Id, and Isolde. He’s stopped dating until he’s sure that any child of his is safe in this world and its soul a distance away from the hands of Lord Zuriel.

Leonarios Shieldhart

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