Kronos Waveharp

Vampire that will Save his companions

  • Level: 18
    Age: 27*
    Race: Human (Vampire)
    Class: Rogue
    Alignment: ????
    Weight: 75 lbs (Vampiric powers)
    Height: 6’2’’
    *Age 24 when became vampire


Kronos is extraordinarily pale so he wears a rogue mask t cover his face from the constant burning sunlight. He has a crescent shaped scar under his right eye, and tiger’s eye brown eye color. He has shoulder length black hair that he comes to the right. His physical body is tony but lacks a significant amount of build due to the lack of blood circulating through his body. Though lacking necessary fats, he is lean and fit as if he were to enter the upcoming nonexistent traveling minstrel boy-band. Although he has a very boyish but mature face, many find him unattractive due his vampiric qualities.




Before meeting the party, Kronos was very distant and kept a certain level of mystery to his schemes. After Meeting Griffin, Nakh’liyl, and Rorak, he opened up and let his guard down to and is learning to trust more and more people. Determined and goal-oriented, Kronos strives to find purpose and apply some source of meaning to his life because of his companions. After he died in the orc war on Dardin, Kronos became ever fearful of death and obsessed about the looming fate of a life unfulfilled by love and heroism, so he strove to find eternity. Though Cursed under the fate of Vampirism, he actually found solace in his life. Because he no longer fears death, he aims to protect his companions from peril. He is considerate of others and at times when not socially interacting, he secludes himself to reflect on the world. He does not wish to create evil, but in desperate times he will do anything to be victorious and survive. His curiousity sometimes gets the best of him in situations where he encounters new forms of nature. There are times when he will confront the unknown and times when it’s best that things are better the way they are. He only keeps secrets for the best interest of his company. Force is necessary to him when there is benefit to the outcome. He understands that the multiverse hides secrets to life and will patiently for the things most important to him. He is leader but believes that a team can’t be comprised of only one mind.

-likes a challenge
-is always willing to run
-finds himself in conflict with wanting to strike others down but wanting not to fight at all
-fluctuates on the morality scale constantly
-sometimes unpredicatable
-always aware of his surroundings
-willing to exploit weaknesses when they become apparent
-level headed
-Will not hesitate to kill the unjust, and those that work for them.
-Afraid of Large Sea-Creatures and Demons
-Does not believe in Profound wealth
-Desires to protect people from misfortune and is passionate about helping the poor
-Dislikes Noble elite and that Goddamn Baron in Well-Summer
-Longs to Learn the Elven Language if it kills him (heh)
-Enjoys Riddles and puzzles ad playing harmless games
-Especially admires Griffin for his profound intelligence
-Amused by tricks, toys, music, jokes, and sweet diversion of almost any kind
-likes to gamble and give away excessive amounts of money to unsuspecting people
-Enjoys subverting unruly Authoritative figures
-Has a mysterious adoration for APPLES and his favorite drink is cider
-if there’s any types of blood he loves the most, it’s cow blood, but he does like a good goblin or two…


Homeland: Ablecto- Merchant Sea Town


Dion Waveharp: Father/ Deceased
Eleanor Waveharp: Mother/ Deceased
Morgan Waveharp: Younger Brother


As a young boy, living In a merchant ship cove, Kronos Wave harp and his family lived an innocent life on the upper scale part of town. His father, Dion, frequently traveled to deliver unique and magical items around the world. His Mother, Eleanor, lived a bed-ridden life, because of a debilitating disease contracted after his brother, Morgan, was born. She always had a smile on her face, for she never got angry at the two boys. At times, she would seem rather distant.
While his father was away, Kronos and Morgan were privy to mischief. However, with their constant stealing of snacks or constant fighting of local thieves and small animals, the two boys were well known throughout the area. The town was always temperament and seemingly non-hostile to anyone. All of the people were amiable and accepted travelers from all over the world for it was common for guests to frequently travel in and out of the harbor.
Having seen his father in action, Kronos began to take a liking to the sea. It was his dream to see the world like his father and to create adventures of his own. He and Morgan fantasized about being great sailors and world travelers. Sometimes his father would take the two brothers to local merchants on close isles. He helped hoist sails and tie knots, and he learned all their was to know about being a sailor. When tides were calm, the crew buried he and his brother in terrifying stories of legendary sea creatures that every man should fear. His fear blossomed into nightmares and made him fearful of ever stepping foot onto boats.
On the eve of his tenth birthday, bandits assailed his great town and slaughtered the locals. His mother, with her final exertion of strength captured both of the boys, and stored them in the cellar. They heard their mother crying and their father consoling her until silence blanketed the air. Blood dripped through the floorboards as they could see the shadow of their mothers body lying lifeless. Hidden in darkness, Kronos took his brother and sneakily ran away. As they escaped the cellar, they witnessed their father kneeling in front of a bandit with a wolf skull mask perched over his head.
“My name is The Dragon, and I seek to destroy. I’ve heard of your father; You could say he owes us. I meant no harm, but it’s obvious that slipped my mind.” as he licked his blade..
“Run!!!” Kronos’ father exclaimed. And as quickly as they could, the two boys ran toward the dock and stopped right before the final ship left ship.
He could not , in good conscience, let his father be slain as he ran away. When he arrived at the docks, he promised to find his brother he would come back, pushing him onto the leaving ship. As his brother flailed in the grasp of a sailor, Kronos ran, never looking back.
Dashing back to his home he witnessed his father’s execution but in a moments notice, every thing was dark..

Dazed, he awoke inside wood laden quarters to hear arguing from outside the room. He was met with confusion among 5 adventurers.

The leader of this group, Raven, was tall charismatic man with a large scabbard on his back. He had bifocals pushing back his dark brown hair and had golden brown eyes. His clothes were black with a golden sheen, and through his collar was a tattoo of a black bird. He asked Kronos that he could have anything he wanted, for they were a group of treasure hunters called the Raven. They sought legendary items from all over the world and by trade, revered themselves as archaeologists. All kronos wanted was to find his brother and the man who killed his parents.

Through the 10 or 12 years, Kronos learned everything from The Raven. His training was used in tactical missions for the group when they sought intelligence for treasure hunts. After many years and many missions, Kronos felt he needed to leave. Raven told him that if he really wants to live, he would need to find his own company. He told Kronos to find his brother and to find his purpose.

Kronos then set out on his adventure…

The Raven

Kronos felt distant from the group and would not eat for days. Willow, the first mate of the group, successfully created a nice rapport with kronos. She was a sorcerer, dressed in finely cut purple robes. She always carried a strange concoction of some sort concealed on her person. Her arm was tattooed with sign of the raven. Her long black hair frequently shadowed her red eyes. Everyone feared her because she always smiled, even in times of chaos. Looking into her eyes, she did not seem from this world. Her skin would glow with strange insignia. On days when the others were away, she taught Kronos the basics of wielding a bow. One day, the others caught Kronos and her training and offered him a challenge. If he could beat one of them in a archery contest, then he would be free from their domain. Though he lost the contest, he figured that the only way he could live is if he had hope that one day he would have the strength to find his brother and The dragon. So he trained. Willow taught kronos about poison and alchemy, but more importantly, the skill of insight. She taught him how to adapt and improvise.

Kado, the strength of the group, a stoic and quiet knight sought to give Kronos a stern resolve. Kado’s silver armor was studded with a red sheen and he was branded on his back with the sign of the raven. He was one for merriment and often drank when offered. He always talked of a famous sword revered by all knights and frequently wrote in his journal when he was alone or training with Kronos. He trained Kronos with a sword and kept him nimble.

Dannon, a halfling, always close to Kado’s side, was the rowdiest member of the group. It was clear that he was the proudest rogue of them all. He frequently pestered kronos about his archery skills because it was he who originally beat him. He knew that being trained by a sorcerer would do no good. Not only did he train Kronos how to pick locks and use thieves tools, he properly taught him how to wield a bow. Kronos once noticed that Dannon, on the his left hand (which is always covered by a glove) had a strange scar in the shape of a key. The other hand was tattoed with the sign of the raven.

In between all the physical training, there was Farryn. She was the only elf, and by far the most intelligent of the group. She was a bit eccentric and short-tempered, but loved the history of everything. She frequently talked about all types of books she wanted to sequester. She always talked about an important tome she needed to find. Being a wizard she taught Kronos the value of magic and knowledge. When it came to learning, she was cold and serious, but most of her lessons were one-sided. Kronos knew the value of intelligence, but could not grasp every subject. He always focused on a large burn that covered half of her body, and she had a tattoo of raven behind her ear.

Raven, the wisest of them, would meet with kronos at the end of each day asking him what he wanted, to which he was met with he same answer every single time. He dawn his dagger to duel Kronos in battle. He taught him the art of stealth and perception. On their final battle, he gave Kronos the moon scar under his eye, and told him that it would be his mark instead of a tattoo. Raven told Kronos that he could not win against the dragon, if every time he fights, he cannot see through the vengeance. He showed Kronos a magical seal on his back, for that was the price of his vengeance.


-His brother, captured by a merchant, firstly looked for a home when he was separated from his brother. He found a foster home but he was soon sold into slavery after it had burnt down in a tragic fire. Luckily, he was bought by an eccentric wizard who simply gave Morgan jobs to sort out his reading and maintain his home. In his library, Morgan read several scrolls and volumes of basic magic, to which the wizard thought was ambitious. After several years of tutelage, the wizard sent him to a school where he began to train and search for Kronos

Kronos never discusses it, but darkness has always seemed to follow him. While young, dreams manifested themselves as reality and placed him into thralling kingdoms. These vast landscapes were paramount in size but always held within them lumbering beasts and dissonant whispers. The Nightmares followed him around until after his parents death. It’s possible that the dreams spawned from excess energy from weird artifacts in his father’s den. A dark orb used to sit in his fathers shelf waiting to be retrieved from an Arcane group. What it housed was shrouds and echoes of the abyss that instilled Kronos with an early understanding of Abyssal languages, which he later honed in his travels as a young man.

After Dying in Dardin from a Group of Orcs on a Ablecto, He vowed to never jeopardize the future of his world by not being strong enough to defend it ever again. So to settle his fears, he strove to seek out immortality of becoming a Vampire. He watched a city burn, he watched his family die, he watched as his home was destroyed, so he could not let this be the course of the world any more. He became a vampire to seek freedom in undeath. The curse distanced him from his past and his companions, but he knew that undeath was the way he could bring balance to his journey. In finding his brother, he had changed and realized that he had a new goal to adventure with his new companions. He wanted to seek the truth that this world held and treasures it stowed away.

In his travels to save one of his dearest companions, Griffin, he and his companions signed a contract with Lord Zariel, the Devil of Avernus. Discovering that this was a trick to steal their souls, he obsessed over a solution to this curse. If he could find a power greater than he and his companions, then it could be possible to reverse the contract. Though the answer might to dire to chase, it is his goal to find the truth…

Let’s just go over this for a sec: KRONOS and PRINCESS ARYOS

She reminded Kronos of when he was young and wanted to travel to distant lands. He wanted to give her a chance at that type of life. Also, if possible gain any necessary info about the kingdom of Drasnia.

Kronos Waveharp

Vinhawn KronosWaveharp