Kronos Waveharp

Master Thief ready to see the treasures of the multiverse

  • Level: 20
    Age: 24
    Race: Human
    Class: Rogue
    Alignment: neutral/chaotic good
    Weight: 150
    Height: 6’2’’



Shaking off his vampiric abilities, per the power of Asmodeus after slaying Lord Zariel, he regained his humanity and his skin became full of life and blood. With the new surge of life his eye acquired a light brown, tiger’s eye shade. However, suffering from the ill effects of losing an eye due to an ancient ghost, his left eye gleams a silver color. His hair sits at a medium shoulder length with a gentle shade of dark brown. He’s tall and toned and adorns a dark blue armor with a dark red cloak, gilded with gold lining.


When he was a vampire, emotions were nontheless dulled. Life iitself had this uneasy sense undeath to it. Everything around seemed irrelevant to his goals. Money, food, and sort of pleasure was nonsense compared to his overarching goals of slaying Lord Zariel. Friendship became a bitter concept as his relationships became somewhat of an obsession; he longed to keep them full of life regardless of what it took.

After Slaying Lord Zariel, kronos regained his humanity. Everything that once was colorless, now was restored with the essence of life. As a mortal, Kronos lives to seek out the mysteries of the multiverse. His good nature aligns with people who wish to see the world full of life. Nothing is worse to him than seeing evil prevail with little chance of returning the light of good to the world. He is interested in fully donning the adventurers lifestyle even though his experience tells a tale that is long and troubled. It is his goal to redeem for the horror he caused in his previous life as a vampire.
Because of this new freedom he’s excitable at the idea of adventure and wishes to one day to feel so free he can sail his ship all around the astral sea visiting every realm and every walk of life. He’s willing to get answers and do what it takes, but with his new life, he wont kill if the target isn’t completely chaotic and hostile. To him life is about taking risks, but a risk should be done for the sake of good. He does not believe in artifacts, for they provide a risk that only begets corruption. Kronos knows now to never give up, and in the face of certain defeat, knows that a life lived adventuring is a life truly lived.

“There is treasure in everything.”


Homeland: Ablecto- Gale, Small merchant town


Dion Waveharp: Father/ Deceased
Eleanor Waveharp: Mother/ Deceased
Morgan Waveharp: Younger Brother


I loved my family. The four of us lived in Gale, a small merchant town, otherwise unknown for it was too small to harbor anything important, at least that’s what I think. My mother, Eleanor, was so pure, and my father, Dion, was a traveler of sorts. He loved magic and mystery and brought us back items from all of his voyages.

“It’s just an orb! It’s beautiful, but it’s leaving tomorrow.” my father said one night. It was black orb with this silver and purple essence. It brought me a dream. A dream of vast barren landscapes, terrifying lumbering beasts and monsters. Nightmares. The whispers in this dream brought me new language. (From what i now know is abyssal) All I knew was that my brother was jealous.

Morgan, my brother, was my biggest fan. Or at least thats what it seemed like. We were inseparable, and well, competitive. He thought I always got the good things from my father, but when we set things aside we made havoc for our town. It was harmless fun.

That is, until the Mark of the Dragon arrived. They were pirates. I know it. They imprisoned the town.

My mother was sick and at the time my father was looking for a cure. The captain of these pirates waited in my home, keeping my mother prisoner. They took me away. They said it was because my father stole something from them. When my father returned he set us free but didn’t hesitate to tell us to run. I heard fighting and fire erupted from my home. Morgan took my hand and we ran.

I can’t remember what happened next, but I woke up on a boat with five people watching over me. I had blood on my face and a mark below my eye, but the only thing I knew was my brother was gone, and behind me my village was in flames.

Years passed and i learned that these 5 adventurers were called The Raven. Willow, Kado, Dannon, Farryn, and Raven told me they were friends of my father. They were treasure hunters. Due to the chaos they could only save me, and Morgan was lost. The Raven me took across all the sea and honed my skills as an adventurer. I learned everything from archery to history to acting. They were my family. When it was time, I knew I had to find my brother and these dragon pirates, so I set out on my own.

These years flew by, both good and bad, and my travels had taken me to a merchant town. I swear I thought I saw my brother but it was a wizard named Griffin. He and his unnamed band of adventurers were traveling all over ablecto. I had sold my ship at the time to get some better gear, so I went along with Griffin in hopes of finding my brother eventually.

In the many years we traveled, I sought something only people fear. See I died in this complicated war among the gods, in a place called Dardin. Luckily Nahk’liyl saved me, and I will never forget that crazy dwarf. I could not stop looking for my brother so I became a vampire. I don’t think it’s very wise to do so, but when your desperate anything is possible.

When I found Morgan, he himself had become a famous pirate in his own right. A wizard too. Our goals were unaligned at that point. He was at peace with everything, while i was struggling with something else. I’m no longer a vampire, so when I think about it now, I wish we had more time together. I’ve changed, things have changed, but I’d sure like to know what he’d be doing right now…


In his travels to save one of his dearest companions, Griffin, he and his group signed a contract with Lord Zariel, the Lord of Avernus. Discovering that this was a trick to steal their souls, he obsessed over a solution to this curse. If he could find a power greater than he and his companions, then it could be possible to reverse the contract. Though the answer might be too dire to chase, it is his goal to find the truth…

AND THE TRUTH if you want something, you have to do it yourself. Life to kronos was a distant memory now aimed at zariel. Zariel was the key to returning life, in full, to his friends. Kronos traveled to distant planes and talked to devils and other ilk and discovered Zariels weakness. Glasya,
a fallen devil, trapped on Carceri, helped Kronos in leading Zariel to the material plane. While there, Kronos and his companions slayed him and weakened him for a time. After seeing the spirit of his lost companion, Tsering, he and other companions traveled to Mechanus, where the found Zariels heart locked in a vault. Upon it’s discovery, he destroyed it and discorporated Zariel. It was time. THE TRUTH is that Devils can be killed and contracts can be broken. Taking it upon himself to do it, blinded by vengeance, Kronos destroyed zariel, Avernus, and himself.

At the last moment, he was saved. Saved by Asmodeus, lord of the nine hells. Asmodeus gave Kronos his mortality back and his final lost companion, Milo Silva. Because he returned life to kronos, Asmodeus asked for a favor to be completed someday in the future.

But for now, the life of adventure instills kronos’ beating heart with fire…

Kronos Waveharp

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