Fijit Ravenloft

Mischievous little mouse


Level: 4
Class: Rogue
Age: 3
Height: 1’ 2
Race: Mousefolk

Physical Description:
Fijit has mostly black fur with specks of brown all over. Her eyes are a dark brown. She is fairly well groomed for someone who spends her time scurrying about the hidden crevices of the castle. Though she always carries around a small bit of cheese to snack on, her makeshift clothes are constantly changing with whatever new outfit she deems “battle worthy.” Her latest outfit consists of a small metal helmet (courtesy of Moradiin), a black leather vest, a red strip of leather used as a belt to hold what seems to be a small wooden replica of Hellias’ sword.

- Extremely curious and nosy
- Very blunt and unafraid to speak her mind
- Makes snap judgments of people. Often goes on her first impression of people.
- Drawn to conflict and enjoys stirring the pot.
- Hates bats, most flying things, and any perceived predator that may eat her
- Loves cheese of all kinds and shiny objects (her newest fascination is weapon and armor)
- Easily distracted by new bits of information, though will often come back to especially interesting tidbits.
- Naive and quick to trust, though holds a grudge if you get on her bad side
- Greatly dislikes feeling left out, until distracted
- Drawn to power



- To know everyone’s secrets
- To become the most powerful mouse ever known
- Build a coliseum! (will start with a mouse one, but eventually wants one to rival Drasnia’s)

Brother: Colin Ravenloft

Fijit grew up on the Isle of Ravenloft in Strahd’s castle. Though the castle was relatively quiet compared to after her new companions showed up, it still held quite a few dangers for a mouse. Fijit lost many family members to traps, spiders, bats, and other predators that plagued the castle, and she learned very early on that it was survival of the fittest. She learned to use the shadows and small crevices to hide from would be predators, and used the many hidden pathways in the walls, floors and ceilings of the castle to find safer routes around. When they found themselves cornered, Colin would fend off the predator while Fijit waited for the best moment to come in with a surprise attack. Their teamwork kept them alive until they met the party. Unfortunately, bigger folk don’t have the best hiding spots, and being more vulnerable than the rest, Fijit did not survive her first encounter with Strahd. Though she was revived, dying has left Fijit bitter about being on the bottom of the food chain, and she has resolved herself to become so powerful that no one can stand in her way.

Fijit Ravenloft

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