Dovakin Stormtooth

The last of the Dragonborns


Follower of Marr
Race: Dragonborn
Scale Color: Dark Blue
Breath Type: Acid + another type
Class: Paladin
Mount: Rage Drake

Treated as a monster in this world


As a child, Dovakin grew up as an orphan and got into a lot of trouble in his hometown, the Capital. He would steal, lie, and cheat to try to survive in the Capital. On his fifth offence that he was caught for, he was trialed and found guilty. He was then ordered by a council of Dragonborns to be exiled, and stripped of his honor. Dovakin didn’t have any problems with this because he believed that he never had any honor to begin with, since he was an orphan. He believes that he doesn’t have any living family members or any family lineage of honor that is bestowed upon him because if there was, then why is forced to live on his own; supporting himself the only way he knows how to. Dovakin happily welcomed being dishonored since he didn’t believe in it. However, there was a high ranking Paladin named Thornos Stormtooth at the trial, and he saw the good nature in deep inside Dovakin, trying to come out. Dovakin was awed, inspired, and a bit at ease near Thornos, feelings that he never felt towards anyone. Thoros gave Dovakin a choice to be exiled and honorless, or to be his disciple, and train to become an honorable Paladin one day. Dovakin felt strange by Thornos’ offer. Is this what Dovakin has been waiting for? To follow the path of a Paladin? Or was it because Thornos was the only person that has ever sincerely tried to help him? Nerveless, Dovakin agreed to Thornos’ offer and became his disciple.
A few years later, Dovakin’s true self began to show slowly. No more was he stealing, lying, and cheating to get what he wanted, instead he earned the things he wanted through hard work and honesty. Thornos taught Dovakin about what it means to be a Paladin and why he should care about honor. Dovakin never really wanted to be as honorable as he could be, rather he wanted to make a name for himself, and get honor that way. Dovakin looked up to Thornos as a father figure, and always tried to prove himself worthy of his new honor. Thoros trained Dovakin to use various types of weapons, armors, and shields, but Dovakin preferred using maces or swords with a shield, while wearing plate armor.
A few more years past until Dovakin was invited to join the same Paladin training academy that Thornos use to go to. Dovakin was excited to go, but it was a Dragonborn only academy and was located in one of the last remaining Dragonborn cities. If he went, he would not be able to see Thornos for many years, which upset him greatly. Thornos wanted him to go so he can get true Paladin training in a respected school, and so that he can travel and explore the world as Thornos once did. And so Dovakin left the Capital and his only home to go to the academy to train with other aspiring Paladins.
Dovakin didn’t really understand how far away the city actually was once he left the capital. He thought it would only be a few weeks away from the Capital, and not months. And on top of that, the safest way to get into the city was on a flying mount…
As years past, Dovakin made five close friends at the academy. His first and closest friend at the academy is Graewyn (last name). Graewyn is the same age as Dovakin but they have different birthdays, and worshiped Bahamut. He is the nephew to the late Dragonborn king, which makes him an heir to the throne. He holds his nobility in the highest regards, and expects others who do not know him, to treat him as such. However, he’s too young and must earn it first before he can become king. His main goal is to become king, and to rebuild the Dragonborn Empire to make it as strong, respected, and feared as it once was many years ago.
The second person Dovakin befriended was Mishann. Mishann is a year younger than Dovakin, but joined the academy the same time as him. Like Graewyn, she too worshiped Bahamut. Her father is a high ranking general in the Dragonborn army. She is very smart and cunning. Her main goal is to make Graewyn king, and to change and adapt the Dragonborn society so that other races can trade and interact easier with them. She believes that, that is the first step into making other societies envious towards them.
The third and fourth friends were Ghesh and Gorik. Actually, Dovakin met both of them at the Capital before the academy, but didn’t really talk to them until about a year later. The first time he met them was when he was walking around the market district with Thornos when Thornos stopped at a gem merchant stall, and started to chat with the owner that he knew. After a bit of chit-chat, the merchant learned that Dovakin was going to the same academy as his sons, so he introduced Ghesh and Gorik. They are identical twins who have an annoying habit of finishing each other’s sentences. They too are the same age as Dovakin, and joined the academy a few months after he did. They both worshiped Mordain (god of mining/gems) because their father is a very wealthy gem merchant. Ghesh loves to drink, while Gorik loves to fight. If they didn’t become Paladins, then they would most likely become fighters instead. Their goal is to become the richest brothers in the whole world.
The last of Dovakin’s closest friends is Nala. Nala is a year younger than Dovakin, and joined the academy a year later than him. She worshiped Avandra (goddess of adventuring) because she loves traveling and exploring new lands. She was Dovakin’s childhood sweetheart. They both had huge, obvious crushes on one another, but never went out. Nala first met Dovakin during her first day at the academy. She was running late, and entered the wrong class without knowing it. She sat down next the open seat next to Dovakin and hurriedly copied down all the notes on the board. When she actually stopped to check the notes, she realized that none of it made any sense to her. She finally found out that she was in the wrong class when she leaned over and asked Dovakin about it. Ever since then, she hung out with Dovakin, and everyone else. Her main goal is to explore the world and write about her adventures, and to write a survival book that gives details/tips on how to survive in almost any environment.
Now on the new world, Dovakin is struggling to understand new cultures and customs of the familiar races. He realizes that he is most likely the last Dragonborn and that he may never find a mate. Thus he comes to the hardest choice he must make does he: try to find a way back to the old world and kill the demi-god; stay with the only family he has; settle down and try to find his purpose in this crazy new world?

Dovakin Stormtooth

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