Carrow Woodsoul

Half-elf Druid


Level: 13
Class: Druid
Gender: bear
Alignment: neutral good

-Wild and constantly shifting mood.
-Goes on random tangents.
-Easily gets spooked by something unknown.
-Terrified of aberrant beasts, or more or less, wishes they didn’t exist and seeks to eradicate some of them. His good nature wants a balance in nature.
-Has ADD
-Talks confidently about animals as if he was one.
-Positively views the world despite the constant darkness.
-Always talks about animals and nature and just talks a lot.
-When things actually get serious, he get serious, like an animal protecting its family.
-Is actually very wise, and sometimes get conscientious that he’s not acting like the others would who are of the First Circle of druids.
-honestly believes he was raised by a bear
-feels as if he was born into nature for a reason
-might believe he’s a nature spirit of some sort
-absolutely oblivious to the fact that he has any family beyond Yennen


-Relatively dirty
-Surprisingly groomed hair, though it is covered in leaves and some sticks.
-wears eleven cloaks and armor that he colored green and brown to look like a tree
-has white and black face paint
-green eyes
-has a scar on his head that he shows people sometimes


He wants to preserve nature and become on with it.
Ultimately, he wants to find a way to protect the good nature of the world, and wishes for everyone to live in harmony.


Father: Elkas Taletreader
Mother: Carsys Arcanscape
Sister: Loralynn Taletreader
Sister: Galenyphe Taletreader
Brother: Adoward Taletreader
Cousin: Panian Arcanscape


When Adoros was young, he was frequently watched over by his siblings. His cousin Panian would constantly mock because he acted foolishly around family. His sisters were always together and sang all the time. His brother always followed him around and thought Adoros was hilarious. His cousin was an actual high-elf, who was sent away to his Aunt to learn how to be a better adventurer. Adoros and his siblings took the name of their father who was an adventurer that never returned home from one of his adventures. Their mother, a retired wizard, trained her family members that sought to become adventurers.

Adoros always wished to wield magic, but his mother never gave him the chance, so he pretended to use magic with his brother. His sisters would always use their magic to make his imaginary adventures more fun.

On a stormy night, Adoros was told to go grab some wood in the shed beyond his house. As the rain poured down, he tripped, fell, and hit his head against a rock. When he awoke, he was greeted by a bear. Terrified, he screamed, but heard a voice in his head told him to remain calm. When he looked around all he could see was the bear. Still terrified, he screamed and tried to run until the bear roared at him. Paralyzed with fear, he stopped and heard the voice again ask him where his family was and how he got here. Afraid but curious, Adoros tried to remember. He asked the disembodied voice where it was and it told him it was right of him. all he saw was the bear. As he stared at the bear for several minutes, he finally said he couldn’t remember anything. He knew how to speak elven, he knew about magic, he about the world, but he had no idea who he was, how he got there, or where he came from.

The bear named him Carrow Woodsoul. The Bear called himself Yennen. Yennen taught Carrow how live in the forest. He told him that if he sought peace with nature, nature would treat him in return. He quickly saw how Carrow easily manifested magic within nature. Much of a surprise, Yennen took this opportunity to make Carrow his apprentice. He told him that if you can learn to become nature, you can become anything! He frequently gave Carrow all of his knowledge and wisdom about nature and the world. Because Carrow followed such a fine example, he could finally manifest magic. Years and years went by when Carrow finally found the outside of the forest. What he thought might be familiar was actually a completely new geographical area. There were moments when Carrow would remember faces in his dreams, but this sight was something different. The forest had changed and the land was all different. He retreated back into the forest to find Yennen. Yennen told him that this was the greater forest near Vinhawn. This was not familiar to Carrow. His curiosity disappeared after a time and he used his druidcraft to create portraits of people he remembered. Interesting to Yennen but just a dream to Carrow.

One particular dream resonated with Carrow. in the dream he saw Yennen, but he was a man. A Male elf, dressed in green robes. He told him that he must go and seek out the world. Learn the creatures and the animals. Go to civilization, Seek the druids. Remember. Find me again one day. As he awoke, he found robes, a bow, and a staff, but Yennen was gone.

That was the day he became an adventurer….

Carrow Woodsoul

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