Ander Atonale

Party A's favorite Halfling bard ... also their only bard.


Born in Ceyale, the kingdom of worms, Ander was the son of a bard (the regular non magical kind), In fact nearly every male in the Atonale clan had been a bard as far back as anyone knew. Ander also has a younger sister, five years his minor, her birth cost their mother her life. Ander and his sister essentially grew up in taverns and the roads of Ceyale, as they traveled with their father. They never really had a house, most nights were spent in front of the fire listening to their father’s performances. Home to them was a warm meal and the sounds of their fathers lute. Ander was a quick study when it came to music, joining his fathers performances by the ripe age of 6 and by 10 often performing on his own. For his 12th birthday his father gave him his lute, just as his father had given it to him. During his next performance, on what seemed like a pretty average night, something spectacular happened, Ander made magic … literally. As he began to play the smoke from the fire began to swirl, and change colors. Being caught up in performing, he didn’t even notice, but the crowd sure did.

Over the next few years Ander learned to control his magic, using it to enhance his performances, he began bringing in a decent amount of money. Enough to buy his family a house, and allow them to settle down. Soon thereafter his father grew tired of being in one place all the time, he was a man of the road for the gods sake! Seeing his father return to doing what he loved inspired Ander, this is when he realized that he was tired of telling the same old stories of other adventurers, he wanted bards around the world to tell stories of him! He soon left home in search of adventure.

Ander Atonale

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