Alarca Pilu MarNarmo

Human Rogue


Level: 3
Age: 28
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 170
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Path: Brutal Scoundrel
Alignment: Neutral Good

Physical Appearance: Of an average to brawny build for a human, he is skinny through the torso and legs, with slightly-broader-than-normal shoulders. His dark brown hair naturally falls straight forward and is trained to a side part. He is of a pale complexion for a human, but a natural color for an elf. His piercing golden eyes are unlike most and seem to glow slightly.


I am come from the land of Anderia. A great kingdom it was in the first age, the second age of men has proved perilous on the land, as many of the men who dwell here ravage the lands in search of materials for war. With my old home in the forest of Maurveld they fuel their forges and fires, desiring to destroy one another for land and power. Though corruption and hypocrisy fuel the monarchy and clergy, the church of Marakush is strong, and Anderia is no land for a rogue like me. Lo since I am raised of elves my family is scattered to the wind, and amongst human kin I have no home either. I left Anderia in search of a new home and have found it on the road. Though I steal only from those whom I deem unworthy of their riches, and aim to spread the wealth, I am unwelcome to anyone who discovers I am called Alarca Pilu MarNarmo “Swift Thief in the Home of Wolves.” To travelers I am known as Alarca Narmo, or Narmo “Wolf” for the Elves who raised me command the power of Wolf Form.

Alarca Pilu MarNarmo

Vinhawn Narmo