Catalyst Ending Credits Scene (Episode 4)

The credits end and the screen holds at black.

A young voice, a child’s, permeates the still black screen
“You know many will die… sire”

This time a man, whos voice is calm and easily recognizable as the voice of the Murderer, responds:
“People have died before, and will continue to die. Death does not stop. It only ends…”

“…Life, yes it ends life. Sorry master.” The young boy apologizes, now quieter.

The shot opens on a zombie looking 10 year old human male staring up at the audience. <fades>

The shot opens back from black slowly to reveal the silhouette of the Murderer grasping for a rod crafted from the spinal chord of a man… at the tip is a sinister looking gem that glows yellow as he touches it.

It again fades to black.




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